...Obviously, you've got the people and technical skills to be a Realtor.  You went out of your way to show me that I can have a good life in Highland Park, Illinois just as I did in Virginia.

You showed me the library, knowing I liked to read.  You repeatedly pointed out parks, gardens and trails knowing I'm a trail-runner and I love foliage/greenery.  You didn't just show me a condo to buy, you showed me how to make a home for myself in an entirely new place.  You showed me restaurants to eat in and movie theaters to attend.  You showed me the possibilities, gave me a glimpse of a future good life in Highland Park.  I am very grateful for that and I'm happy about where I live.

Of course I plan to use your services if I decide to upgrade to something else, and I've been singing your praises to everyone who comes to my home.

Best Regards,

Donna A.